Who we are

Friends of Caltrain is a nonprofit grass-roots advocacy organization supporting stable funding and successful modernization of Caltrain, as part of an integrated regional transit network, accessible to all. We have over 7000 supporters in the San Francisco Peninsula Corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, including all cities on the line.

Organizations we work with:

    • Environmental and sustainable transportation/land use advocacy organizations such as Sierra Club, TransForm, Greenbelt Alliance, bicycle coalitions

    • Cities

    • Local neighborhood and civic groups

  • Business groups (Silicon Valley Leadership Coalition, Bay Area Council, local chambers of commerce).

Mission and Vision

A financially stable, electrified rail system, with frequent all-day service, easy access via transit, walking and biking, and well integrated into transit-supportive land uses.

We want to see:

1. Frequent, all day service to more stations on a clock face schedule.

2. Regional schedule and fare integration for easy transit transfers.

3. High ridership, serving people of all ages and walks of life

4. Connection to Downtown SF Transbay Terminal with frequent all day service

5. Stations which are accessed primarily by transit, walking or biking

6. Transit-supportive land uses around stations, implemented through comprehensive station area planning efforts.

7. Dedicated, efficient, and customer-focused governance and management.

8. Stable funding


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It doesn’t make any sense for the backbone of transit service on the Peninsula to not have committed funding. Sign up here to stay informed and take action about next steps to get stable funding for Caltrain

As of July 6, 2012, Caltrain modernization is funded as part of the state legislature’s passage of high speed rail appropriations. This means that those of us on the Caltrain corridor will most likely see a better train schedule in the foreseeable future. Caltrain will be able to serve more stations with the same or better trip times, at lower cost, not to mention less pollution.

There will be a lot to do to make sure the plans for Caltrain modernization meet the needs of riders and local areas. Your feedback will be needed as Caltrain does the planning over the next year with community input.  Sign up here to adopt your station and help shape how a modernized Caltrain will work for decades to come.

If Caltrain had wifi it would be an even better alternative compared to driving. Tell Caltrain to please add wifi on the trains.

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Keep up to date by reading fast-breaking news on the Green Caltrain blog.

Community mobilization is making a difference. If there is continued vocal effort, the three counties and MTC can come up with plans for longterm stable funding and successful Caltrain modernization.

About Friends of Caltrain

Friends of Caltrain is a grassroots coalition of neighborhood groups, employers, environmental groups, transit advocates, and transit riders advocating for the longterm viability of Caltrain’s critical local and regional transit service.

Supporting organizations

How you can participate

Are you interested in ongoing, accurate information about Caltrain funding, modernization, service, station area planning, and ways to get involved at a regional, and local level?   Sign up here for updates.

You can play a key role in decisions about the station areas where you live and work. Sign up here to volunteer for the Adopt-a-Station Campaign.


Yoriko Kishimoto, Chair
Board Director, MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District
Former Mayor, Palo Alto; Former Board Member, VTA

Pete Rasmussen, Secretary
Board Member, BayRail Alliance
Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning

Elizabeth Alexis, Treasurer
Californians for Responsible Rail Design

Jarrett Mullen, Vice Chair
Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning

Susan Lempert
Former MTC Commissioner, Caltrain Joint Powers Board Member, San Mateo Mayor

Jim Bigelow
Board Member Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce and Transportation Committee Chair
San Mateo County Transportation Authority CAC

Adina Levin, Project Director
Vice Chair, Caltrain Citizens’ Advisory Committee


Friends of Caltrain got organized in 2010 under the threat of nearly 50% cuts to Caltrain service.  When drastic cuts were presented as a “done deal”, we organized instead.  Thousands of community spoke up loudly and clearly. The region worked together to keep Caltrain running and to set the stage for growth.

Friends of Caltrain started as an ad hoc, zero-budget organization, with in-kind support from Bay Rail Alliance and other partners.  To be able to continue working toward stable funding for a modern, frequent service, Friends of Caltrain bootstrapped itself in 2013 into a nonprofit organization, utilizing a 501c3 nonprofit, Foundation for Regional Transit, that was started many years ago by the founders of Bay Rail Alliance.




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