427 million emails

In an interview with KCBS News yesterday, MTC Commissioner Jon Rubin said that he had heard the voice of the public loud and clear. “I assure the 427 million people that have sent me emails and blown my entire electrical network into oblivion that we’re keenly aware of the issue with Caltrain,” said Rubin. “And I think we’re all very concerned, but enthusiastic about solving the problem.”

Thank you for speaking out!!!. Your voices are being noticed, and helping to incent the MTC and other decision-makers to focus on solving the Caltrain emergency.

In truth, it was only about 2000 emails before Friends of Caltrain converted the action alert to Petition form. Now, when you sign the Petition, the MTC and other decision makers will get one email every week, with hundreds of new signatures and personal comments from riders and voters.

Keep the heat on and take action!

We need to keep the pressure on. The MTC and other decision-makers are working harder now to craft a solution to keep Caltrain from crippling cuts this year while longer-term solutions are in the works. But no decisions have been made yet – and there are still challenges to solving the problem – and time is very short. MTC members and county decision-makers need to keep hearing from riders.

If you haven’t yet done this yet, please sign the petition and then contact your City Council Member or City Supervisor.

We especially need to keep the pressure on in San Francisco. The City needs to be a key part of the solution. But out of the nearly 2200 messages to decision-makers to date, only about 10% have been from San Francisco, even though nearly half of Caltrain commuters travel south, and 4th and King is the single busiest station. If you live or work in the City, please speak up now. If you live in SF and would like to do more to spread the word, contract Friends of Caltrain, friends at friendsofcaltrain dot com.