Adopt your Caltrain station

You can play a key role in shaping new and improved Caltrain service over the next year.

With the recent funding for electrification, Caltrain will be able to run electric trains that accelerate faster, and can reach more stops in the same amount of time, at lower cost, in addition to running more cleanly and quietly.

There are many decisions to be made. What kind of schedule will we have – more frequent service, faster express trains, some combination of both?   How often will trains run in the afternoon, evenings, and weekends? Will Caltrain connect better to BART, VTA, SamTrans?  How will that affect traffic? Where will there be grade separations and passing tracks?

The planning for station areas is even more important than ever.   Is it easy and safe to get to the station by walking, biking, or shuttle?  What new development will happen near the train station, where you live, work, or have a business?

There are station area planning efforts and developments going on in many cities, including Bayshore/Brisbane, South San Francisco, Belmont, San Carlos, San Antonio, Sunnyvale, Lawrence, and others.

Here’s how you can help:

You can join a team of people in your city to “Adopt your Station”.   Go to key meetings in your area, pay attention to the decisions that affect your station and give your feedback.  Share your thoughts with Caltrain and with your City Council members. Write letters to the editor.

You can do as much or as little as you have time for. The important thing is for you to get involved – if people are involved, the result will be better transit service and a better place to live.

Sign up here to Adopt your Station to provide feedback on Caltrain modernization and other key decisions in the station area.

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Are you new to advocacy?  Experienced mentors will be available to help you and your team.

The last time that Caltrain did outreach there were only 36 spoken comments and 12 comment cards for the entire 50 mile corridor.  Caltrain heard from only .1% of riders! We need to do better so that Caltrain service will serve our area well for many decades to come.