Update: Dumbarton corridor study

On Monday afternoon, SamTrans presented an overview of next steps on the Dumbarton corridor study.  The goal is a draft report by February, 2017.

The study will consider options for the rail bridge, the connection from Facebook to Redwood City, Highway 84, and approach arterials (for better bus access).  The study will consider regional rail connections in the East Bay to BART, ACE, and Capitol Corridor.

It will look at a combination of short-term (2020 or earlier) and long-term improvements (2030) and phasing options.  Very short-term options might include light timing improvements; short-term improvements might include additional bus schedule options; longer-term improvements might include some sort of rail service.  SamTrans confirmed that opportunities for public private partnerships would be considered, in response to a question from Council Member Kirsten Keith.

SamTrans is managing the study, working with ACTransit, and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority,  Alameda County Transportation Commission, and Facebook as a funding partner.Dumbarton rail bridge

There will be upcoming community meetings for presentation and feedback on both sides of the Bay.   Following discussion at the meeting, the West Bay Locations are likely to include Menlo Park and North Fair Oaks, with times and locations TBD.

In parallel, Facebook is working on plan for a 4.5 mile bicycle/pedestrian trail next to the rail corridor from Menlo Park to North Fair Oaks.  The trail would be fenced off from the tracks, and  would deliver bicycle riders to the on-street route on Middlefield, which is being improved in NFO and Redwood City.   The plan will include a crossing over 101/Bayfront, which may be in a subsequent phase. The timeline includes detailed design in 2017 and construction in 2018/19.   To connect to this project, Atherton is considering accelerating its plans to add a bike trail parallel to Marsh road.