Caltrain releases bicycle plan

Monday, Caltrain released a bicycle plan. It was retitled from Bicycle Master Plan to Caltrain Bicycle Access and Parking Plan because of the criticisms that the plan does not cover the issue of bicycles onboard the train.

A week earlier, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition issued a its own document arguing that Caltrain has the capacity to provide more onboard spaces for bicycles, and suggesting that the recent removal of 14 rail cars from service is an example that non-bike passengers can do with fewer available seats.

Personally, I think the best opportunity to address onboard bicycle capacity is when Caltrain orders new electrified vehicles. The current gallery car fleet has high steps as well as a very poor interior layout. SFBC has yet to propose how Caltrain could add bike space onboard with the least impact on operation. Although SFBC argues that bike access is not the cause for dwell time delays, it is important to note that over the years, Caltrain has added minutes to the overall travel time in part because of bicycles.