Caltrain weekend service changes strive to finish construction in 2024

Starting in February, Caltrain will start a series of over 30 weekend service changes in an effort to finish construction in 2023, leaving 2024 for service testing and operator training.

There will be at least 13 partial weekend shutdowns with bus bridges between February and July.  There will also be temporary weekday service changes in the second half of April for signal installation and testing.   The remainder of the construction schedule with up to 16 partial shutdowns and four full corridor shutdowns will be published this coming Spring.  The slides can be found in the PCEP Update presentation, starting at slide 17.

The most recent bus bridges in December between Belmont and Mountain View resulted in successful completion of major signal software installation and testing.    Also, Caltrain staff reported at its January board meeting that the most recently updated schedule for the Stadler electric trains has the construction and delivery in time for the 2024 completion date. 

For people who use Caltrain on weekends, this will be very annoying, but the end result will be better, cleaner electric service.  

How would you want information to help deal with these disruptive changes?

  • Check the Caltrain website?
  • Information in an app you use?
  • Text message reminders about upcoming changes
  • Reminder signs at stations
  • Progress reports showing milestones with project getting closer to completion?
  • What else?