Monday 3/15 6pm: Dumbarton Rail community meeting

On Monday 3/15 at 6pm, SamTrans is holding a community meeting presenting the latest results from the study of rail and transit options over the Dumbarton Corridor.

Staff and consultants are present information showing that group rapid transit and Bus Rapid Transit / Light Rail would have higher ridership and better price/performance than conventional rail, but without fully including an analysis of the ridership from megaregional trips, from continuation through Sacramento via Capitol Corridor and the Central Valley via ACE.

The projections assume that conventional rail has larger vehicles but lower frequency; and the automated group rapid transit technology would have the smallest vehicles but the highest frequency.

This analysis, unlike the analysis for Link21 which is considering overall benefits to megaregional travel in assessing the cost/benefit of a second northern transbay rail crossing.  You can see the presentation on the business planning process for Link21 from the BART board meeting on March 11 or SPUR’s panel on February 23.

The Dumbarton project is one of the examples that would benefit from a more integrated regional transit planning process.

The route would depend on the technology chosen (see map below).

Also, following extensive advocacy from active transportation supporters, the studies have concluded that there is room for a bicycle/pedestrian trail on the West Bay in right of way from University Avenue to Middlefield, but the segment along Middlefield would need to use the roadways.

Interestingly, the study includes options for a bike/ped trail on the bridge. The roadway bridge does have a bike/ped section already.

The presentations are on the project website here.

You can attend the online meeting by going to or calling Zoom at 669-900-6833 and entering webinar ID 968 8464 7203. You can also leave written comments using the project website.