VTA Policy Advisory Committee – Measure B – All capital funds to BART for 10 years

On Thursday November 12 at 4pm, the VTA Policy Advisory Committee is reviewing a proposed 10 year expenditure outlook for Measure B (Agenda 12a).

As you can see in the attached screenshot and the linked agenda, the proposal is to concentrate all of the capital funding to a costly design for BART-Silicon Valley Phase 2.  Other expenditures that Santa Clara County voters approved as part of Measure B, to increase Caltrain capacity, fund Caltrain grade separations, and fund transit on the 85 corridor are proposed to be on hold until after 2032.

This is a scenario that North and West Santa Clara County leaders had expressed concern about when the Measure B expenditure plan was being crafted, that the funds would go to BART to the exclusion of other priorities. While the ballot measure includes a cap on the amount of spending that can go to the BART project, the sequence of expenditures is within the discretion of the VTA board.

To avoid the outcome of steering all transit capital funds to the BART project, the VTA board could choose to use financing options to advance other projects in parallel. And the VTA board could also choose to prune the costs of a the valuable but excessively expensive BART Silicon Valley project to leave more funding for other transit priorities.

The meeting is at 4pm today, Thursday November 12, and you can find instructions in the linked agenda for how give comments by dialing in or sending comments in writing.