Santa Clara BOS committee advances Caltrain ballot measure; schedule update

On Thursday, April 23, a Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Committee quietly forwarded the Caltrain ballot measure onto the full Board of Supervisors for a hearing now scheduled for Tuesday June 23. The item was discussed after agenda items about food programs and childcare for essential workers during the COVID-19 emergency. h

The link to the slide presentation is here.

Supervisor Cindy Chavez, who sits on the Caltrain board spoke in favor of advancing the ballot measure decision to keep the option open for the full Board of Supervisors. Carl Guardino of Silicon Valley Leadership Group gave public comment saying that polling would be done in June to help Caltrain and its partners decide whether a ballot measure would be feasible this year given pandemic conditions.

Meanwhile, other committee hearings for the San Mateo and San Francisco County Boards of Supervisors, VTA committees and boards, and Caltrain committees and boards, have been rescheduled to dates in May, June and July. See the table below for the current schedule.

San Mateo County Supervisor and Caltrain Board member presents Caltrain ballot measure to Supervisors Chavez and Cortese of Santa Clara County
4/1 – 2pm – SamTrans Board Action
4/21 – 9:30am – SCC BOS Committee
5/5 – 9am – SMC BOS Action
5/13 – 1:30pm – VTA Technical Advisory
5/13 – 4pm – VTA Citizens Advisory
5/14 – 4pm – VTA Policy Advisory
5/21 -12pm VTA Admin & Finance
5/19 – 1pm SFMTA Board Action
6/2 – 2pm SFBOS referral to Committee
6/4 – 5:30pm – VTA Board Action
6/23 – 9:30am – SCC BOS Action
6/24 – 3pm Caltrain Committee Action
7/2 – 9am – Caltrain Board Action
7/9 – 10am – SFBOS Committee Action
7/21 – 2pm – SFBOS Action
8/7 – Caltrain Board Vote whether to place measure on Ballot
11/3 – Election Day