Time-sensitive survey: What excites you about Caltrain’s service vision?

You have a chance to share your priorities and refinements for Caltrain’s vision for greatly expanded electric service, in a survey that is open now, and will inform the board before they make big decisions – especially if you reply by Wednesday, 9/24.

On Thursday, October 3, the Caltrain board will set the direction for its goals for the era of electric service.  The survey is asking what people value most in the proposed service vision- such as more frequent service at peak commute time; during mid-day and weekends; and show-up-and-go scheduling with better connections to buses and BART (see options below).  

The survey also asks what’s missing, and if you have any concerns with the service vision.  A few thoughts about that section:

  • The survey asks if you’re excited about more jobs on the Peninsula corridor, but doesn’t ask if you’re also excited about more homes; both are important for increased transit use
  • The Service Vision proposes a regular, clockface schedule that makes it easier to make connections with buses and BART, but doesn’t yet have a policy to actively pursue better connections
  • The Service Vision doesn’t yet include a goal to diversify ridership, though an equity analysis may be in the next phase of studies. Providing BART-like frequent all-day service could potentially enable Caltrain to be accessible to more people; the BART customer base has similar income levels as the service territory, and BART has very high farebox recovery.

If you fill the survey out by Wednesday, 9/24, your answers will be presented to the board in time for the 10/3 board meeting. The survey will be open through early October; and Caltrain will continue to refine the business plan into early 2020, so responding will still be helpful after Wednesday, but most powerful by 9/24. Click here to take the survey now