Caltrain strengthens business plan service vision for Thursday decisions – more active, equitable, connected

On Thursday, October 3, the Caltrain board will set policy direction for the era of electric service. Thanks to many comments from Caltrain riders, supportive city leaders, and other encouraging stakeholders, and advocates, the Caltrain staff have strengthened their recommendations for an already bold plan:

  • To increase ridership by 3-4x to meet pent-up demand.  
  • Strengthening previously timid language “not to preclude” higher capacity and ridership, with language to proactively guide board and staff to plan for the opportunities. The updated language also makes it clear that local communities will be consulted regarding potential impacts of changes (such as passing tracks) needed for higher capacity.
  • Adding and clarifying follow-on analysis in the coming months to explore options to make the electric Caltrain system better connected to local and regional transit, and providing more equitable access
  • Scheduling a board workshop on November 21 to start to explore the organizational recommendations to strengthen the organization’s staff, management and governance, to be able to deliver on the promise of the service vision.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged strong plans for ridership growth with a connected and equitable system.

If you are able to make the meeting, you can offer thanks and encouragement in person. Or, come and say so in person, at the meeting on Thursday October 3 starting at 9am at Caltrain HQ, 1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, close to the train station.

The strengthened language is below, along with acknowledgement of comments asking for the stronger policies: