Caltrain board members, CFO support exploring Go Pass discount for contractors, TMAs

At today’s Caltrain board meeting at the public hearing of proposed fare increases three times over the coming five years, several board members supported a alternative idea raise revenue while improving ridership and equitable access – expanding the Go Pass bulk discount program to full-time contractors workers at smaller businesses represented by Transportation Management Associations.

Earlier, at last week’s Caltrain Board Finance Committee meeting, the CFO of the agency and the chair of the committee had also supported pursuing the concept of expanding the GoPass to cover these groups that are not currently eligible; though additional study would be needed to verify the opportunity. The CFO and multiple board members expressed a desire to reduce future fare increases, if there was a source of stable funding and potentially alternative fare sources.

So it sounds likely that this idea will be moving forward. We’ll follow up and find out about the next steps.

The proposal to expand the Go Pass to cover contractors and TMAs is supported by a growing list of business, labor, commute manager, transit, sustainability and equity groups – the latest addition is SAMCEDA, the business association for San Mateo County.