Good funding news; a 4/30 events on spending the funds wisely

Good news: funds from California’s Cap and Trade program and SB1 gas taxes have been allocated to:

The Caltrain grant of $164Million – a helpful fraction of the $631.5M grant request for funds to upgrade from 75% to 100% electric trains between SF and Tamien, and to expand from 6 to 8-car trains.  Stay tuned for an update on what this amount of funding will help to advance. If a November ballot measure to repeal the gas tax passes, though, the funding will evaporate, so please vote in November.

Monday April 30 in Burlingame: Optimizing our Highways: Moving more people with fewer cars

But can a managed lane project be managed to reduce cars on the road and be equitable for people across the income spectrum?

The 101 Managed Lanes project will create an express lane that will speed up buses and carpools, and be available for solo drivers who pay a toll, if there is available space.

It is increasingly clear that the only way to get to the root of congestion — and to reduce climate emissions — is by catalyzing a dramatic shift from solo driving to carpools, shuttles, transit and incentivizing a shift to clean vehicles. Can we achieve this on 101?

For these very timely questions, come attend Optimizing our Highways: Moving more people with fewer cars Stuart Cohen and Chris Lepe at TransForm, and Jeff Tumlin of Nelson\Nygaard will explain how a “managed lane” project can be managed for the best results for mobility, equity, and environmental outcomes.   

Monday, April 30 from 7-8:30
Burlingame Public Library, Lane Room
480 Primrose Road, Burlingame
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