Mountain View Council votes to close Castro crossing of Caltrain tracks to cars

Last week, Mountain View City Council voted to redirect Castro Street,  close the at-grade crossing over the tracks, and add a pedestrian/bike tunnel.


At the meeting, multiple residents gave public comments supporting the closure of Castro and improved safety and access for people walking, bicycling, and taking transit. Residents mentioned that they already avoid Castro/Central/Moffett because the crossing is unpredictable and unsafe.

Representatives of local business expressed concern about losing revenue due to closing the Castro crossing to cars,  though that route draws less than 10% of downtown visitors today, and the alternative would add a trench next to sidewalk seating in the most successful restaurant area in the city.

While some business hoped for no change, Council members said that the status quo was not a good option, because the increase in expected train crossing will make the current safety hazards and traffic delays worse.

There a lot more detailed design to do regarding the pedestrian and bicycle crossing; the redirection of Evelyn including a potential onramp to Shoreline; the routing of shuttles including the potential for a northside waiting area; potential improvements to the transit center to accommodate expected growth in ridership; and the future of the surface parking lots, which could remain parking, or perhaps be adapted to become an extension of downtown.