This week: Millbrae and Brisbane – with Millbrae update

Update: On Monday night, Millbrae Planning Commission heard dozens of public comments on the Millbrae station area plan, and wanted to make recommendations to City Council.   Top issues were:

  • affordable housing
  • stronger goals for less driving and more car trip reduction
  • traffic and auto level of service
  • school funding
Many community members talked about the need to provide affordable housing so that Millbrae can retain old people, young people, and middle and lower income people.
Regarding stronger car trip reduction and less driving, transportation consultants explained from the speaker podium that this was a reasonable thing to do; the reason the driving rates in the plan were so high is that the city had not set goals; but with goals a stronger trip reduction program could happen.
Regarding LOS,  it sounded like Planning Commissioners were not familiar with latest thinking about automotive level of service and how it can work in cross purposes against the city’s economic and health goals.
Planning Commission will return on the 16th to make recommendations for Council.
Millbrae Station Area Plan before Planning Commission

Tonight, Millbrae Planning Commission will be reviewing the Millbrae Station Area Plan, with two good-sized developments.

The proposal calls for 400,000 square feet of office space (~1600 workers), about 79,000 square feet of retail space and more than 800 residential units. The proposal has parking and transportation policies assuming more than 70% of people will drive.  Safety for people walking and bicycling on El Camino Real and Millbrae Avenue is poor, as is bus circulation. The provisions for affordable housing are very weak/nonexistent.
If you like the idea of building on the parking lots at Millbrae, but want to see less driving and more affordable housing, come to the Planning Commission tonight, at Millbrae City Hall, 621 Magnolia Ave, starting at 7pm.
Millbrae developments to replace parking lots
Brisbane Baylands – should there be housing near Bayshore Caltrain?
Later this week, November 4, Brisbane will continue its review for the Environmental Impact Report for Brisbane Baylands, with a proposed major development by the underutilized Bayshore Caltrain station.
The development would be adjacent to the San Francisco Schlage Lock development, which will have about 1700 units of housing and a grocery story.
The developer for the Brisbane Baylands would prefer a mixed use development with up to 4400 units of housing.  The environmental review indicates that a mixed use project would also result in less driving.  However, some residents are concerned that new residents would outnumber the town’s current population of 4400; and would prefer a development with 6million square feet of office and retail/entertainment space (over 20,000 jobs), with no housing.
Wednesday, November 4, 7:30 pm
Brisbane City Hall, 50 Park Place
Brisbane Baylands