December 16: Share your vision for Caltrain a decade from now

Everybody who uses Caltrain has ideas for improvement.  Now is a great time to put those ideas on the table – including ideas that are different from the way things are done today.
Caltrain is starting a strategic planning process – this is the chance to encourage Caltrain to think about connectivity, service, payment, funding and other key topics.
  • What kind of service should there be with electric trains?  More  frequent, all-day service? A crisper commute service with fewer stops?

  • How will you make the connections at the start and end of a trip on Caltrain – walking, shuttle, buses, bikes, self-driving cars?  How will you pay for the trip?

  • What will the experience be like on the train and at the station?

  • How will our region be doing toward greenhouse gas reduction goals, and what role will Caltrain play?

  • How will Caltrain be funded, and how will the organization fit into the Bay Area’s transit system?

  • How will Caltrain relate to cities, employers, neighborhoods and other organizations that depend on it?

Join Friends of Caltrain on Monday, December 16 at San Carlos Library at 7pm (7 minutes from San Carlos Caltrain) and share your thoughts.  Caltrain staff will be present to share the latest on funding and hear your ideas.

Click here to RSVP.

Can’t come in person? Share your ideas in comments to this blog post.