Transit to SFO survey results: bring back the Millbrae shuttle, and save the KX!

According to the Friends of Caltrain post-holiday survey, the most popular recommendations to improve transit to San Francisco International Airport: bring back the Millbrae Shuttle, and save the KX! Both of these are SamTrans services. SamTrans is currenty wrapping up its plans to revamp its services. The deadline is April 15 to give them comments – share your feedback before it’s too late.

After the winter holiday season, we asked Friends of Caltrain participants how they get to SFO when they travel. Among our network of supporters and users of public transit, the most common answer to the survey was “driven.”

The main reason by far to not to take transit is that it takes too much time, followed by other risks and inconveniences, including complicated payment with the Caltrain to BART transfer, luggage limits on the bus, long waits to connect to Caltrain, especially evenings and weekends, and risking missing the flight due to delays.

So, what can be done to improve transit to SFO?

The top two suggestions were:

Bring back the shuttle bus from Millbrae Caltrain! People who don’t remember it re-invent it, and people who remember the old shuttle wish it could be brought back.

Save the KX! Make it even more of an express route, run it more frequently, and market it better! One rider suggests calling it the SFO Express.

If these solutions would help you, click here to tell SamTrans while they are still reviewing their service plan until April 15.

Other recommendations from fellow riders to improve airport service include:

* seamless payment transfers. The Caltrain+BART payment confuses people who go to the airport occasionally, and is perceived as costly
* earlier and later service to serve more flights, and more frequent service
* eliminate the bus luggage restrictions to and from San Francisco
* shelter for Caltrain users at the cold, windy, damp Millbrae station

Riders strongly dislike the two-step BART connection to the airport – click here for the full list of comments, including colorful rants and pained laments from people who want to take transit to the airport.

SFO (whether or not the name of the airport changes) is one of the top 10 busiest airports in the US. The region deserves good airport transit service. Thanks for sharing your feedback – hopefully this can motivate the transit services to do a better job serving the airport.