San Francisco Proposition L – extend San Francisco’s sales tax for transportation

San Francisco Proposition L extends the existing half-cent sales tax for transportation for 30 years to fund an updated plan to invest approximately $2.6 billion over 30 years for more reliable public transit and safer streets.

The Transportation Expenditure Plan includes funding for:

  • Transit connections including the Downtown Caltrain Extension, bringing Caltrain to the Salesforce Transit Center
  • Citywide improvements like electrifying Muni’s bus fleet, transit signal priority, maintaining buses and trains so they operate safely and reliably, and increasing capacity on both Muni and BART to reduce crowding
  • Neighborhood-level investments such as crosswalks, traffic calming, new and upgraded traffic signals, bicycle lanes, and Safe Routes to School programs.
  • Implementing improvements identified in community-based plans across the city and particularly in Equity Priority Communities

San Francisco depends on Proposition L not only for direct funding for these projects, but for matching funds to match unprecedented but time-limited federal and state funds. San Francisco has already lost $15 million in matching funds, leading to delays in the Market Street Program, due to the loss of Prop A in June (source: San Francisco Transit Riders).