San Jose Google Development Agreement supports more homes, 35% solo driving

At a community meeting today, Saturday April 17, the proposed terms of the city’s of San Jose development agreement with Google in the Diridon Station Area are being presented and discussed.  

The development proposed to have office space for over 30,000 employees (up to 7.3 million square feet).  The current proposal now calls for 4,000 new homes, with 25% below market rate, and up to 500,000 square feet of active uses such as retail, cultural, and arts space.  (The environmental impact report analyzes a maximum of 5,900 homes).

In the agreement (and according to the conditions proposed for environmental approval), Google will be required to keep the driving rate at or below 35%, or face up to $5 million per year in penalties.

The amount of car parking looks compatible with a share of driving that is much lower than the historical norms of formerly car-centric San Jose . According to the EIR, it would provide 7,160 off-street car-parking spaces, including 4,800 publicly accessible spaces.    Parking for residents will be rented or sold separately to lower housing costs for those who choose to live without a car.

The development will build and pay for over 5 miles of transportation improvements throughout the project, with pedestrian sidewalks, paths and bikeway.   The project plans to invest in 15 acres of parks, plazas, and green spaces; including ecological restoration and year-round free entertainment programming.   The parks include 4.8 acres of improved public parks and trails (dedicated to, and operated and maintained by the City,) and approximately 10.2 acres of privately owned publicly accessible open spaces.

Much of the discussion at today’s meeting will focus on a community benefits agreement, which is proposed to provide up to $155 million over 30 years, funding housing, education, and jobs, with a grant-making process including community participation.

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