Friday: SFBoS is the last step for Caltrain ballot measure approval

The last stop to enable the Caltrain measure to go on the on the is 2pm on Friday, in a special session returned from vacation, the San Francisco board of Supervisors will be returning from recess to re-vote.

You can watch online at and dial in to make public comment with: 1 (415) 655-0001/ Meeting ID: 146 953 0933 # #

This is the last step needed for the ballot measure to go forward – the Caltrain board has already made its decision to put the measure on the ballot yesterday afternoon, and the VTA board gave its approval in the evening. The Caltrain board also approved a resolution to advance governance reforms that San Francisco was seeking.

If you can call in, please thank the Board of Supervisors for coming together, agreeing on a path to get the measure on the ballot, and supporting this essential piece of our public transportation network. 

It would be helpful to mention that the measure will fund and implement equity programs to help diversify Caltrain’s ridership. It also is helpful to mention your support for federal funding, and for funding for SFMTA to make sure that our regional transit system recovers from the pandemic. 

On governance, it’s helpful to thank SFBoS for pushing the governance issue forward, and express eagerness for governance reforms that focus on improving service for riders, including providing a system that is well-integrated with local and regional transit and that is affordable for all – things that Caltrain cannot do alone.

Thanks so much for your actions – together we’ll help recover public transit from the Covid crisis.