Action update: Tuesday milestones for Caltrain tax at Santa Clara BoS, SFMTA, SF BOS Revival

Today, we hear there may be a risky new update, presented at three key meetings at Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors starting 9:30am, and in the afternoon, the SFMTA board, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.   If you live in Santa Clara County or San Francisco, please read on and take action now to support a clean ballot measure to keep Caltrain alive.

On Tuesday morning, history has its eyes on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors which will be considering in Agenda #26 whether to allow the eighth cent sales tax providing dedicated funding for Caltrain, enabling it to survive the pandemic without multi-year shutdowns, and enabling more frequent, connected, equitable service when the pandemic is over.   

If you are a Santa Clara County resident and want to keep Caltrain running, please take action right now to send a letter to the supervisors, and make a public comment if you can at the meeting on Tuesday. The instructions for how to comment are on the agenda. The meeting will be long – you can watch/listen to the meeting on video in the background, using the instructions on the agenda page, and pay attention and comment when the item comes up.

Also on Tuesday starting at 1pm, the SFMTA board will vote on agenda #13 whether to allow Caltrain to put the measure on the ballot.  The ballot measure would take the obligation of funding Caltrain’s operations and maintenance off of SFMTA’s books,  which would save about $800 million over 30 years that could be used to fund Muni service instead. 

The SFMTA staff report recommends that the board vote to put the measure on the ballot. However, “To ensure that the City and County of San Francisco presents a unified position, SFMTA approval will be contingent upon the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ approval.”

San Franciscans, please send email to by 5 pm on Monday, July 20th, and/or give a public comment supporting the Caltrain ballot measure – instructions to give comment at the online meeting are here.

Last but not at all least, of critical importance if you are a San Francisco resident, please continue to support Board President Yee, Supervisor Haney and the other Supervisors in the initiative to get the measure back on the BoS agenda by getting it introduced on Tuesday. Please click here to continue to encourage the Supervisors to advance a clean ballot measure.

Tuesday will be a fateful day. Thank you so much for taking action to save Caltrain.