Support regional fare integration – key decision this week

On Wednesday, 10/23, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will be making an important decision to fund a Business Case Study for Fare Integration.  This is a great milestone and the Commissioners deserve thanks for moving this forward.

An important improvement is needed, though. The customer research in the study will focus on the existing research studies that transit agencies already have on their shelves. But these studies done by individual transit agencies didn’t focus on multi-agency trips and customers who use multiple agencies.  For example, Caltrain asked about Caltrain, not about the challenges for riders who use both Caltrain and BART. In order to have meaningful results, the study needs to ask questions about the topics of multi-agency trips, and riders who use multiple agencies!   

You can tell MTC that you support the fare integration business case study – and want the study’s user research to focus on potential barriers for riders and potential riders whose travel needs include places served by multiple agencies. Send a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission regarding Agenda item 7A Business Case for Transit Fare Integration, attention to the Clerk, Kimberly Ward,, and feel free to copy us at