Tonight: Caltrain biz plan feedback in San Jose – big opportunities for Diridon, South SJ, South County

Tonight Caltrain is hosting a public meeting soliciting feedback on service in the age of electrification.   The potential for future service could be transformative for San Jose: for the Downtown/Diridon area, which is expecting major growth with upcoming Google expansion; and also for the badly underserved areas in South San Jose and South Santa Clara County.

Tonight’s meeting is November 26, 6-8 p.m.
Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose

Some key points to consider for your comments:
* The Downtown/Diridon growth will bring tens of thousands of new workers and residents.  Caltrain’s data shows that it could increase ridership by 3-4 x with investments in service and infrastructure. Do you want to see investments made that can keep up with the growth?
* San Jose is planning for the Downtown/Diridon area to be much less reliant on cars.  For people to live with fewer cars and less driving, do you want to see more frequent service during mid-day, evening, and weekend hours?
* San Jose’s studies suggest that in 2040 the Diridon station area will see as many transfers ad there are riders today. Do you want to see Caltrain support regional initiatives to greatly improve seamless connections among transit services?
* Data suggests that increasing service to South San Jose would generate substantially more ridership.  Many people live near underserved stations, and would use Caltrain if service was more frequent  (this would also help relieve the parking crunch at Diridon and Tamien). (see this blog post)
* High Speed Rail is proposing to contribute to electrifying tracks from Tamien to Gilroy, enabling more frequent and faster service. Do you want to see Caltrain prioritize this investment?

Send comments to if you can’t attend in person.   Also, if you live in South County, it would be reasonable to ask for another meeting closer to you.

Diridon 2040 Transfers

Diridon Station

Diridon Station