This week: Peninsula transportation/land use in Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Menlo Park

This week on Tuesday, Sunnyvale City Council will review a request to update its Moffett Park Specific Plan.  Google has purchased property in the office park and is interested in not only adding new offices, but adding housing and space for services, turning a single-use office park into a mixed-use neighborhood, near light rail and a frequent bus to downtown/Caltrain.
The Sunnyvale Planning Commission recently supported the request to study the opportunity to evolve the office park into a mixed use neighborhood, with recommendations to study water supply (as required by the state) and to consider opportunities to improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access.

Just last week, a cyclist was killed on a street not far from proposed Google development. Safety improvements are needed now – and all the more so if there are going to be homes and people living in the area.

If you are interested in housing, and/or safety for people walking and bicycling, contact city council.    The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has some specific recommendations about immediate safety concerns, with information to contact City Council here.

On Tuesday evening, Menlo Park is considering opportunities to start a Transportation Management Association, a means to democratize the type of transportation benefit program long available to major employers such as Facebook and Stanford.

Last but not least, tonight, Monday February 5, Palo Alto City Council has an agenda item on to review a housing workplan for approval.

Are you interested in the intersection of housing and transportation in Palo Alto?  The Council will consider advancing strategies to stimulate the production of affordable and workforce housing; encourage production of a diversity of housing types in appropriate locations including near transit and services, use affordable housing funds to stimulate the rehabilitation and development of new affordable housing; and more.