Save Clipper Funding in Regional Measure 3 – Senate Bill 595

The Regional Measure 3 bridge toll measure, which can fund valuable Caltrain network projects including the Downtown Extension to Transbay Terminal, Dumbarton Rail, and 2nd Transbay crossing, passed the the California State Assembly Transportation Committee last week as Senate Bill 595, but the expenditure plan is still a work in progress.

Unfortunately, in the latest version of the expenditure plan, funding for the upgrade of Clipper 2.0 was pulled at the last minute between midnight and 10am.  We hear that there are some concerns about cost-effectiveness.  Technology vendors, and global transit experts say that streamlining regional fares will result in a cheaper project – and a more usable and affordable system.

Help save Clipper 2.0 funding

If you live in Santa Clara in Jim Beall’s district, he’s the sponsor with the strongest hand shaping the program, so call his office especially – Capitol Office, 916-651-4015. Campbell District Office. 408-558-1295.

And wherever you live in California, please call your Senator and Assembly member and urge them to add back the funding for Clipper 2.0 in SB595, with fare streamlining for a more cost-effective, user-friendly, equitable system.   The next hearing at the Assembly Appropriations will be in August- but members of the legislature are still in Sacramento this week, so call now before they head home for recess.

If passed by the legislature, voters will need to approve the ballot measure with a 50% vote.

Here are the members of the Bay Area legislative contingent

Jim Beall – (916) 651-4015
Nancy Skinner – (916) 651-4009
Jerry Hill – (916) 651-4013
Scott Wiener – (916) 651-4011
Bob Wieckowski – (916) 651-4010
Steve Glaser – (916) 651-4007

Assembly Members:
Kevin Mullin – (916) 319-2022
Marc Berman – (916) 319-2024
Rob Bonta – (916) 319-2018
David Chiu  (916) 319-2017
Phil Ting – (916) 319-2019
Ash Kalra – (916) 319-2027