7 reasons Caltrain riders want bathrooms on electric trains. Tell the board if you agree.

Caltrain is getting bids for electric rail cars that are expected to go into service in late 2020, providing faster, more frequent, cleaner service.  At least, the air will be cleaner.

Despite feedback from many riders that they want the new electric trains to have bathrooms, the board is leaning toward eliminating bathrooms. Caltrain is soliciting bids for train sets with either zero bathroom or one bathroom. The

There are many reasons Caltrain riders say they want to keep bathrooms on the trains.

  1. Some riders have long trips on local trains
  2. Elderly riders and people with health conditions need bathroom access
  3. Pregnant women need bathroom access
  4. Parents travelling with children need bathrooms
  5. People take Caltrain for sports events, concerts, parades and fireworks shows, where they can drink and enjoy without having to drive. People who have been drinking need access to bathrooms, or may relieve themselves on the train without the benefit of a bathroom
  6. People riding trains carrying other passengers who’ve been drinking at entertainment events really want bathrooms on the trains
  7. People who are stuck on trains that are delayed due to mechanical failures and unfortunate collisions need bathrooms on the trains

The board wanted to consider opening or adding bathrooms at stations.  Unfortunately,most of the stations that have bathrooms have closed the bathrooms over the years, because they were difficult and costly to clean, maintain, and keep secure during Caltrain service hours.  It is not clear who would staff the bathrooms to keep them clean, secure, and open, and who would pay for maintenance, security, and staffing.  BART closed most of its bathrooms after September 11, 2001, due to concerns about terrorism, and still has not reopened them.

Caltrain currently provides at least one bathroom on every train. We believe Caltrain should adopt the proposal which provides one bathroom on every train set.

If you think at least one bathroom per trainset is essential, sign this petition and pass it along.

If you’d like to collect petition signatures and spread the word, add a note in comments or send email to friends@friendsofcaltrain.com

And you’re undecided, would you want to share a long train ride with these happy Giants fans, with no bathrooms on board?

Caltrain giants fans

Giants fans – and people sharing trains with Giants fans will appreciate bathrooms