Voters pass measures helping transit and active transportation in SF, Palo Alto, San Mateo

The biggest victory in the region this election cycle for transit and active transportation was the passage of San Francisco Proposition L . This will help pay for the Downtown Caltrain Extension, bringing Caltrain to the Salesforce Transit Center; improving Muni service with transit signal priority, maintenance to operate reliably, and electrifying the bus fleet, and pedestrian and bicycle safety around the city.

In other ballot successes on the Peninsula Corridor, Palo Alto voters passed the Measure K business tax and Measure L utility tax extension. While these are general taxes that will be spent as part of the city’s budget process, the City Council’s goals included funding for Caltrain grade separations, affordable housing, and public safety.

In addition, the City of San Mateo passed Measure CC increasing the real estate transfer tax for properties sold for $10 million. Like the Palo Alto taxes, it is a general tax that will be spent as part of the city’s budget process. The City Council’s goals include funding for parks, and the city’s plans for sustainability and active transportation.

City of San Mateo 2020 Bicycle Master Plan