San Jose considers major updates to parking, TDM policies

On Tuesday, San Jose City Council will consider major updates to the city’s parking policies to remove mandatory minimum parking requirements for new developments. The proposal strengthens the city’s the City’s Transportation Demand Management policies which require developments to provide incentives such as transit passes and infrastructure for bicycling and walking, helping residents and workers to drive less.

The city’s parking mandates have been in place for over 50 years. Research from TransForm has shown that over 25% of car parking in residential developments goes unused. New research from Mineta Transportation Institute and San Jose State University shows that developments near transit in San Jose often negotiate to provide less car parking and better provisions for transit and active transportation.

The new rules would make this situation the norm rather than the exception. Developments would be expected to make it easy for residents and workers to use transit and sustainable transportation, and would be able to choose an appropriate amount of car parking.

The proposal supports the city’s climate goals by increasing incentives to use sustainable transportation rather than to driving (the largest source of GHG emissions), and supports the city’s housing goals, allowing developments to use more land to provide housing for people rather than cars.

The City Council meeting starts at 11am, and the agenda item 10.3 will likely be up in the afternoon. San Jose City Council meetings have a hybrid format. You can watch and comment by Zoom using this link.