New Caltrain stations in Southeast SF (and 22nd St ramps in the meantime)

San Francisco is exploring option for future station locations on the Caltrain corridor in southeastern San Francisco. A proposal for a tunnel to bring Caltrain and eventual high speed rail trains underground, out of the way of the 16th and Mission Bay Drive crossings, would require rebuilding or relocating 22nd street station, and potential infill stations serving the Bayview.

Click here to RSVP for a presentation and discussion on Monday at 6pm with San Francisco planners, sponsored by Friends of Caltrain, Streets for People, and San Francisco Transit Riders.

Improving 22nd Street Station Access

In the mean time, 22nd Street Station may finally get improvements making it more accessible for people with wheelchairs, strollers, luggage and bicycles.

A recent study commissioned by Supervisor Walton recommends ramps to improve accessibility for the station that is currently accessed only by stairs. With federal infrastructure funding on the way to the Bay Area and the nation, this is an improvement that has the potential to be built well before a new infill station.