Reimagine SamTrans – last major round of review

As you know, SamTrans is conducting a major review of its routes, which is expected to be reviewed for approval in February and rolled out next summer.

If you use the bus (or might use the bus if it was frequent and went places that you needed to go), now is the time to take a look and provide comments.

There are meetings coming up throughout San Mateo County, including today, October 13 (MidCounty), October 19 (North County), October 21 (South County) and October 28 (CoastSide), plus other popup meetings around the county. This website has a information about proposed route changes and events and.

Your Menlo Park based blogger took a look and noticed a few important local additions and gaps – take a look and see how the changes will affect your community and the places you use.

1) Route 296 – East Palo Alto / Menlo Park / Redwood City.  SamTrans is proposing to increase the frequency of this useful route to every 15 minutes. In recent Menlo Park Housing Element meetings, where the city is required to plan for housing locations, some have expressed concern that there is “no transit” on Middlefield which is the location of one or more major potential housing site.  Fortunately, Middlefield does have a good bus route which is getting better.

2) Bayfront / Jefferson + Constitution – the Bayfront area is the site of multiple new housing and office developments that were not yet approved during the initial phase of outreach for Reimagine SamTrans, plus a new school.  There are a few bus routes that travel near the area, but none that serve it directly – people would need to walk across a major Expressway to catch the bus. This is an important gap and need for improvement in order to address the mobility needs of residents, workers and students.