Friday 1pm – Caltrain board discusses participating in regional governance plans

On Friday afternoon starting at 1pm, the Caltrain board will discuss how to participate in regional transit initiatives that are happening now and over the next few years.  The Caltrain board has an opportunity to engage in regional discussions with opportunities to improve provide more coordinated service for riders and make capital projects like grade separations and the Downtown Extension less slow and more cost-effective.

These goals, and the changes needed to bring them about, are broadly popular.

If you want the Caltrain board to participate constructively in regional discussions about a better-coordinated transit system, read on and send your thoughts to, and if you can, make public comment at Friday’s meeting. 

Much has moved forward since this topic was initially scheduled to be discussed in June. 

  • The Regional Fare study has come forward with recommendations for all-agency transit passes, free transfers, and standardized regional fares that can help restore transit ridership 
  • A Network Management business case study is moving forward, looking at organizational options to coordinate fares, schedules, branding/wayfinding and more
  • MTC is moving ahead with a regional rail study looking at governance options and megaproject delivery

The meeting this Friday afternoon was rescheduled from June because of bumpiness in the governance discussions among the 3 Caltrain counties. Apparently progress has been made in the 3-county discussions – there will be a brief update on Friday and a longer update and discussion at the November board meeting. 

There are many different ways of structuring regional rail and transit governance in order to provide more coordinated service and more cost-effective capital projects, including stronger service coordination; creating shared services in areas of expertise such as wayfinding or project delivery; or agency consolidation.   Friday’s board meeting won’t get into the specific options, but is a chance for the Caltrain board to discuss how to engage. 

Attention will be needed for the Caltrain board to focus on the goals and next steps to bring about a world where Caltrain service is better coordinated with other local and regional transit, and big capital programs are designed to deliver an integrated system, in a cost-effective and timely manner.   

The agenda for Friday morning’s board meeting is here

The Zoom link to watch the meeting starting at 1pm is here

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