Today 8/30 Caltrain restores service from Covid cuts, 50% discount through September

Caltrain is rolling out a service increase to a level higher than before the pandemic, with a 50% fare discount for individual riders through the month of September. 

The new schedule brings back the baby bullet express trains along with hourly all-stop local service.  Adjusting to travel patterns that may have less peak hour commuting, and more travel at other times, Caltrain’s schedule is less “peaky”, which allows for more overall service through the day, and helping with a wider variety of riders and trip purposes. 

Caltrain will be watching for ridership patterns, and has the ability to add back another bullet train into the schedule, which could also fill the baby bullet service gap in Sunnyvale.

The more regular schedule also facilitates transit connections.   The BART transfer at Millbrae is good most of the time, but there are some awkward spots in evenings and weekends, so check the schedule! Caltrain and BART staff are continuing to work on improving the transfer glitches due to construction schedules in both parts of the rail system.

The new service plan also brings back a third Gilroy train and adds later Sunday night service.  Caltrain and other regional transit services are finding that weekend ridership is returning at a faster pace than weekday ridership, as people come back to transit for entertainment and social trips. 

But, the new schedule hasn’t yet added back the faster weekend baby bullets. What are you observing with the new schedule? What’s working for you, and what could be better?

Are you planning to use Caltrain and transit more in September? Share your story – and selfie – with the #TransitMonth hashtag, to celebrate Bay Area Transit Month.