6/21 1pm – Dialogue: Regional options for Caltrain governance

Join Friends of Caltrain, SPUR and Seamless Bay Area for an informative and thoughtful dialogue about regional options for the future of Caltrain. Read on and click here to register for this Zoom event.

Caltrain has goals to provide more convenient connections to local, regional, and long-distance transit service, and ambitious plans for more frequent service and higher ridership. But Caltrain cannot achieve this on its own – it’s future is linked to numerous other regional and local institutions.

This panel conversation will examine the potential benefits and drawbacks of regional governance options being considered:

  • Should Caltrain merge with one or more other transit agencies? 
  • How should Caltrain relate to BART? With other rail, regional, and local transit?
  • What role could a regional network manager play to include Caltrain in a well-coordinated regional system?
  • How could various options help (or hinder) seamless connections; support more fast, frequent, and reliable service; ensure more equitable access to mobility
  • How can options help integrate Caltrain with a high-capacity regional network via major capital projects such as the Downtown Extension, Diridon Station, and corridor grade separations? 

A large majority of Friends of Caltrain participants – readers of this blog, and related email and social media groups – want to see Caltrain woven into some sort of regional governance – as do the vast majority of voters in statistically significant polls. This event will help you think about the various options and engage with regional decisions.

This is an important time to engage, as regional discussions are currently underway among the Caltrain board and as part of the regional Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force. A regional rail study is expected to start soon that will also examine Caltrain in the context of the broader Bay Area rail system. The Caltrain board will start to discuss regional options at a board workshop on Friday morning, June 25 (announced at the last board meeting but not yet posted on the agency website).

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear informative analysis and points of view on these important upcoming decisions facing Caltrain and our region.

Adina Levin, Friends of Caltrain

Laura Tolkoff, Transportation Policy Director, SPUR
Ian Griffiths, Policy Director, Seamless Bay Area

Monday, June 21, 1pm-2pm. Click here to register for this Zoom event.