Tuesday big decisions for San Jose Diridon area; Wednesday start making it happen with tools for less driving

The Downtown West Google project, and the Diridon Station Area Plan are going to San Jose city council for a vote on Tuesday, 5/25:

At last month’s San Jose Planning Commission meeting, a large majority of commenters supported the Downtown West project and the Diridon Station Area Plan, including plans for much greater use of walking, bicycling, and transit, and lower reliance on driving and car parking, and the Commission voted unanimous support.

This blog post has an overview and links to reference material on the project that would replace the massive surface parking lots at Diridon Station with homes, jobs, stores, and public spaces.

Tuesday is time to weigh in on the final decision. If you agree that this is a good transformation:

  • (Quick) Write an email to the city telling them you support the project
  • (Time-specific) Give a spoken public comment at the council meeting on 5/25. It’s not clear when exactly this item will come up to a vote (it could very well be late into the evening), but the meeting will start at 1:30pm – here’s the agenda with zoom info

To make letter-writing a little easier, here is a letter template.

Click here to open an email with the subject filled out.Personalize it! Add your name and reason that makes Diridon Station or Downtown West personally important to you.

(Bonus points for San Jose residents who look up and directly copy your council member: you can find their emails here)

Wednesday: San Jose Parking and Transportation Demand Management 2021 Update

On Wednesday, dive into making it happen! Come to a presentation hosted by Catalyze SV where the City of San Jose will talk about their plans to chance the balance between driving and other choices, by eliminating minimum parking requirements and setting requirements for “transportation demand management” to support alternatives to driving.

Until now,  San Jose has required developers and business owners to provide more on-site parking than any other major city in the Bay Area and the state, according to recent investigation by the Mercury News.

The San Jose City Council is expected to make decisions by this Summer 2021.

See this page for and this flyer for more on the city’s planning process.

Here is the info to join
Meeting ID: 872 8403 8260
Password: 515461