VTA pauses service cuts for now to enable Covid distancing

As of last week, VTA has paused its plans to cut service in 2021 Transit, and plans to increase service instead.

VTA had been planning to run 80% of service in 2021 while reducing social distancing to prevent riders from being left behind. Last week, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department told VTA that social distancing has to stay at 6 feet on local transit. So VTA has put the 2021 Transit Plan on pause.

Instead, VTA will be increasing service and increasing frequency on lines where lots of riders are being left behind. According to Monica Mallon of the Turnout4Transit campaign, the headways will be around 7.5 mins on crowded routes, so people will only have to wait 7.5 mins if the bus is full. Mallon reports that new “plan” will provide close to 90% of the pre-Covid service levels. You can read VTA’s statement on this here.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the planning process for VTA service for 2021. For more information, check out the Turnout4Transit campaign website.