VTA could minimize service cuts – Policy Committee today 11/12 at 4pm

After analyzing financial options, including sales tax receipts that are less dire than forecast earlier, VTA is considering a set of service options for 2021.

VTA staff is are recommending 80% of pre-COVID service from February-May and 90% of pre-COVID service starting in June. While this is less drastic than earlier assessments including a 70% service level (30% service cut), it is still a significant reduction. Advocacy partners Turnout4Transit are urging the VTA to resume 100% service as soon as possible.

Turnout4Transit is urging the committees to recommend that VTA resume 90 % service in February 2021 and 100% service as soon as possible. If you can make a public comment please, RSVP here and they will send you more information and a text reminder when the item is up. You can find the Turnout4Transit writeup on their website.