Last-minute reprieve – SCC passes clean ballot measure resolution, SFBoS to re-vote Friday

At today’s Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Chavez announced an agreement to advance the version of a Caltrain sales tax without conditions. The simple ballot measure resolution will be accompanied by a resolution for the Caltrain board to address a number of topics relating to management and governance. The agreement was reached by Caltrain’s governance committee, with Supervisors Chavez, Walton, Pine, and Heminger, and with the support of SF Supervisor Peskin and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo who had been forcefully advocating to have the ballot measure advance progress on Caltrain governance.

With that agreement, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to enable the Caltrain board to put the measure on the ballot. The next steps for the measure include:

  • the SFMTA board will reconsider its vote on Wednesday morning at a 9am special meeting. That board surprisingly voted not to support the version with conditions that San Francisco Board of Supervisors had approved. The SFMTA board is shorthanded and needed a unanimous vote. Board Member Brinkman had voted against, preferring a version of the resolution without conditions. The Board agreed that they would reconvene on Wednesday if there was an agreement among the counties – which there now is.
  • On Thursday at 9am, the Caltrain board will consider the resolution with the governance items.
  • On Thursday at 5:30pm, the VTA board will vote on the enabling resolution.
  • The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will reconvene from recess at a special meeting on Friday.

Today’s news makes it much more likely that a Caltrain tax will be heading to the ballot in November.

Thanks to everyone who has showed to date that transit supporters are following this issue and wanted the region’s transit leaders to prioritize transit riders and preserving the transit network.