Caltrain tax update

Here is the latest update on meetings for Caltrain and its partners to enable and approve a 1/8 cent sales tax for the November ballot. Caltrain has reported polling is in the field; results are expected in June.

It will be very interesting to see the poll results; the Covid recession is impacting voters finances; and is also putting Caltrain service at risk. We’ll see soon what voters think.

6/24 – 3pm Caltrain Committee Info
7/14 – 10am – San Francisco Board of Supervisors Committee Introduction
7/21 – 1pm SFMTA Board Action
7/22 – 10:30am – SFBOS Budget Committee
7/24 – 9:30am – Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Action
7/28 – 2pm – SFBOS Board Action
8/6 – 9am – Caltrain Board Vote whether to place measure on Ballot
8/6 – 5:30pm – VTA Board
11/3 – Election Day