Updated Caltrain ballot measure partner approval schedule

Minor updates to the schedule to allow the Caltrain board to have the ability to put a 1/8 cent sales tax on the November 2020 ballot. Next week, the topic will go to VTA’s Admin and Finance board committee. Last week it was not heard by VTA’s advisory bodies. The item is slated for the VTA, SFMTA, and Santa Clara County boards in June.

While a ballot measure in a pandemic recession may seem dubious, Caltrain’s budget situation is sufficiently dire, with a shutdown being a possibility adding 4 lanes of cars back to the highway, that it’s conceivable that voters would prefer an 1/8 cent sales tax.

5/21 – 12pm – VTA Admin and Finance Committee
6/2 – 2pm SFBOS referral to Committee
6/4 – 5:30pm – VTA Board Action
6/16 – 1pm SFMTA Board Action
6/23 – 9:30am – SCC BOS Action
6/24 – 3pm Caltrain Committee Action
7/2 – 9am – Caltrain Board Action
7/9 – 10am – SFBOS Committee Action
7/21 – 2pm – SFBOS Action
8/7 – Caltrain Board Vote whether to place measure on Ballot
11/3 — Election Day