Congress votes next week on possible next-round emergency transit funding

Update: we have heard more recently that the bill is likely to be introduced Friday for a vote next week, so taking action now is very much needed.

Congress is expected to vote on Friday, May 8th on another emergency package that may include funding for transit and transportation. This funding is critically needed, as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission projects a $1.3 billion remaining funding gap for Bay Area transit over an 18 month period.

Without major additional funding, transit in the Bay Area may be permanently damaged. This morning, the Caltrain board heard a financial update including a scenario in which Caltrain may need to shut down without additional funding in the next year, since rider funding and member agency funding are both at significant risk from the ongoing pandemic. 

Please contact your member of Congress NOW and let them know that transit funding is needed for the Bay Area to enable our region to recover from the pandemic without crippling traffic. Once you’ve sent off a letter to your member of Congress, please also contact Speaker Pelosi’s office urging her to support transit funding by calling her District office at (415) 556-4862 or sending email to