For #GivingTuesday – stay informed on funding more frequent, connected, equitable Caltrain

Major potential roadblocks to getting stable funding for Caltrain were lowered this month, when the Caltrain board started to make progress on how service should be run in the age of electric service.

In 2020, there is a good chance for a ballot measure that could pay for better Caltrain and maybe regional transit.  There are two possibilities – a large, regional public transportation funding measure that would include train and bus service all over the Bay Area; or a Caltrain-specific measure which could be advanced if a measure for the whole region does not move forward in 2020.

The decisions will move quickly in 2020.  We’ll keep you posted on opportunities to make your voice heard on the improvements you want to see funded –  more frequent service, better local and regional connections, more affordable fares, the ability to move more people, more grade separations.  

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We’ll continue to keep you informed about the big decisions that will shape transit connections – connecting Caltrain to downtown San Francisco and maybe on to the East Bay and Sacramento, the Dumbarton connection to the East Bay and beyond, the Diridon connection to BART and other services; opportunities for better fare and schedule connections, and first-last mile connections.  

Your voice can continue to help with better decisions like deciding to study regional fare integration (yay!) and eliminating a bad Diridon station option that would have had a worse BART-Caltrain connection than Millbrae.

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