Two events: Monday 10/21 – A more-coordinated transit system; Weds 11/6 – Improving Downtown Access and Parking

In the next few weeks, come learn about how to make our disconnected transit system much more coordinated; and how to improve access to lively downtowns, in two events that are part of TransForm’s Connecting Communities series and co-sponsored by Friends of Caltrain.

Monday, 10/21 in Redwood City – A More Coordinated Transit Network: Learning From Other Regions

What can we learn from other regions brought fragmented, disconnected transit systems together to create a more customer-focused network? How can this make transit easier and faster for all while offering climate and equity benefits? How can the Bay Area coordinate our notoriously fragmented transit system?  The Bay Area has a lot to learn from both domestic and international examples. Hear about similar challenges from around the world, specifically Nordic Countries and Germany, and learn what’s possible. Co-sponsored by Seamless Bay Area, SPUR, and Friends of Caltrain.

  • Ian Griffiths / Seamless Bay Area
  • Elias Arnestrand / Nordic Innovation House
  • Wiebke Geldmacher / DB Engineering & Consulting
  • Arielle Fleisher / SPUR

Monday, October 21, 6:30pm
Redwood City Library Community Room
1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City 94063
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A version of this program is also being hosted in Oakland on October 23rd at SPUR

Getting Downtowns Moving with Convenient and Sustainable Access

Many downtowns in the Bay Area are facing this challenge: Customers and workers, residents and visitors all need to be able to get downtown, and parking can be a barrier. In this session, experts will discuss a variety of strategies to improve downtown access that also help reduce congestion and improve the environment, including:

  • Managing parking
  • Providing transit access for low-income workers and small businesses
  • Improving access for cycling, walking, and micro-mobility
  • Building affordable homes downtown


  • Billy Riggs, University of San Francisco
  • Steve Raney, Palo Alto Transportation Management Association 
  • Christian Hammack, City of Redwood City (Invited)
  • Carla Hansen, Parking Manager Walnut Creek (partnerships with ParkSmart/Smarking)
  • Karen Camacho, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo

Cosponsored by Friends of Caltrain, Menlo Together, the Menlo Park Complete Streets Commission, Redwood City Forward, and American Planning Association Transportation Planning Division

Wednesday November 6, 6:30pm
Arrillaga Family Recreation Center Oak Room
700 Alma St, Menlo Park, CA 94025
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