Monday 9/23 – news about opportunity for great connections at Diridon

On Monday, September 23rd at 6pm, the team working on the Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan is showing an update on its proposals for an overhaul of Diridon Station to enable it to support more transit transfers in 2040 than there are transit riders today.  

With electric Caltrain meeting BART; planned higher service levels for ACE and Capitol Corridor; better connections to local transit; and San Jose working on safer streets for walking, bicycling and scootering, the quality of connections is important. 

The options differ substantially in the convenience of making connections by transit, walking and bicycling. The workshop will show a new option with more entrances (see image), and will have new information about how the options perform at making connections

Come learn and comment at the Big Moves Workshop on Monday, September 23, 6-8:30 PM at the Studio Space of the Poor House Bistro in San Jose, a few minutes’ walk from Diridon Station. There will be snacks, kids are welcome, and there will be Spanish translation.