Caltrain Citizens’ Advisory Group to discuss schedule tweaks

At the next Caltrain Citizens’ Advisory meeting, on August 19, Caltrain staff is scheduled to present on scheduling, including “How service levels are decided, when changes are made, what factors are involved.”

This will be the place to share your ideas about potential schedule adjustments that Caltrain could make prior to electrification. Do you want to see later trains back from San Jose, because there’s now more entertainment in downtown San Jose then when the schedule was made? Better connections to Millbrae BART? A change to baby bullets? More stops at California Avenue Caltrain? More stops at Tamien? Less infrequent service to Gilroy? More realistic, longer travel times, because the trains have been slower with lots of passengers? Other ideas?

Share your suggestions for schedule tweaks in this survey, which will be presented at the CAC meeting. And come if you can, August 19th. Meeting starts 5:40pm, at 1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos (near the San Carlos Caltrain station).

There will be a different process later to plan for the schedule for electric service starting in 2020.  That will be an opportunity for bigger changes. It can’t hurt to share your vision for post-electrification service, but these decisions will be made separately later.  Caltrain has published a rough draft business plan, including a draft service plan – this will need a lot more attention before electric service goes live.


Last train from San Jose: 10:30pm

Last train from San Jose: 10:30pm