Caltrain to add bike capacity with used cars from Metrolink

 General Manager Mike Scanlon reported at the Caltrain board meeting that the used Metrolink cars, which will add rider capacity before electrification, will soon be heading from Southern California the Bay Area. Caltrain believes that some of the cars will be available to put into service as soon as they arrive, adding a 6th car to Bombardier trains. Next month, Caltrain plan to propose a contract to rehab the cars.  The Caltrain board also approved $11 million in 2015 farebox revenue bonds  to purchase and rehabilitate of the cars.
Following a major campaign by bicycle advocacy organizations, Scanlon announced that plans to add a 3rd bike car to the Bombardier trains, which will maintain bicycle capacity when the new cars are added.   As Caltrain trains have become more crowded, there has been an increase in “bike bumping”, where customers who wish to bring a bike on board are denied service and left to wait for the next train.
Thanks to Jeff Carter for some reporting on this issue after your blogger left the meeting.