Clipper 2.0 update from Citizens Advisory Preso – BART board gets preso April 24

Last week, Rita Haskin of SamTrans/Caltrain gave a presentation about the MTC process for Clipper 2.0 requirements gathering.

Some good news with regard to ideas for increased fare integration. The MTC committees are considering station (distance?) based fares and a ride accumulator model, where instead of a monthly pass, you ride until you reach a fare limit.

With regard to fare integration ideas such as a regional day pass, Haskin’s perspective is that it would cost too much to have a fare that covered the maximum possible usage. Asked whether it would be possible to do statistical analysis to set fares that would cover more likely cases on average, Haskin commented that “we are mass transit agencies” – cross-regional travel is rare enough that it is probably not worth it to create fares that encourage cross-regional travel. Besides, cross-regional service is so poor that integrated fares would help only minimally to encourage use.

Haskin commented that ideas for fare integration that would increase ridership might not be seen favorably, since some transit services are at capacity. (This perspective does not consider regional growth, climate goals, freeway congestion, or planned transit improvements between now and 2019 when the system will go live.)

The process is converging fairly rapidly with input from the transit agencies and their formal advisory committees. The Mission and Vision have already been set, and the agency task forces are now working on goals and objectives. There is only 1-2 months left to have an impact on the goals and objectives of the project. The Clipper 2.0 project does not yet yet have any processes to take input from stakeholders other than transit groups, and would need board guidance to do so.

The next board review step is at the BART board on Thursday April 24 – if you want to see more rider input, sent a quick note to the BART board to give this guidance today.

If you want to see deeper regional integration with Clipper, sign this petition.