Now Wednesday, Feb 27 – was Tuesday Jan 22, 6:30pm, Palo Alto City Hall – How will Caltrain electrification affect cross-town connections?

Update:  this meeting has been rescheduled to February 27, 6:30 at the Menlo Park Public Library, 800 Alma Street in Menlo Park near the train station.
The reason we’re changing the date is that Palo Alto City Council moved its meeting to Tuesday, and the first items on the agenda starting at 6:30pm will focus on Caltrain and High Speed Rail.  Palo Alto will be discussing incorporating the Rail Corridor Study into the City’s comprehensive Plan, and adopting the Rail Committee Guiding Principles. If you are interested in Palo Alto’s rail strategy, come to Palo Alto Council Chambers on Tuesday, January 22 at 6:30pm.
Caltrain has recently announced the overall results of its traffic study for Caltrain electrification, and for the blended system with High Speed Rail.  Out of the 40 remaining at-grade crossings on the corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, electrification by 2019 is expected to reduce gate downtime at 28 of the crossings, and increase gate downtime at 12 crossings.
How are the crossings in your city affected? What does this mean for cross-town connectivity in your city?
The impact of High Speed Rail on the corridor, in 2029 or so, will be more substantial, increasing downtime at most crossings. How can we start to plan for grade separations that work for local communities?

Come learn about the short and long-term implications for the city you live in and the stations you use.

Do you have friends and family members who are also interested and concerned about the impact of Caltrain modernization on cross-town connectivity?  Invite them to come.

Thursday, January 22, 6:30 PM, Palo Alto City Hall, City Council Chambers, 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA.

Caltrain at-grade crossing