BayRail applauds decision by TJPA to move Transbay train box project forward

On June 11, The Transbay Joint Powers Authority voted unanimously to direct the architects to prepare plans for the train box as part of Phase 1 of the Transbay Transit Center project. The Phase 1 of the project includes the removal of the current terminal and the construction of a new terminal on the current site.

Prior to this proposal, TJPA planned to build the train box after the above-ground bus terminal is completed, largely due to funding constraints. However, the recent passage of the Prop 1A High Speed Rail bond and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided new funding opportunities to move this critical project forward.

By integrating the train box with the above ground terminal construction, the project would save $100 million in total construction costs. In addition, it would substantially reduce engineering and construction risks by not having to build up the above ground portion first and dig out the basement at a later date. It would also reduce construction impacts on nearby businesses and residents.

BayRail Alliance applauds TJPA’s decision to move the train box project foward and will continue to advocate funding for this project on the state and federal level.