Tomorrow March 6: Transit-oriented development policy rescheduled at Caltrain board

Tomorrow morning, Thursday March 6 at 9am, the Caltrain board is hosting a special agenda item focusing on policies regarding transit-oriented development. This will be at Caltrain/SamTrans HQ, 1250 San Carlos Ave in San Carlos.

The staff report does not recommend specific policies yet – it provides a high level overview for a process that which will result in recommendations for board review and approval later in 2019.

If you are interested in the potential for development on land that Caltrain owns and in station areas, some
relevant topics for comment include:

* support for transit-oriented including housing
* goals for below market rate housing and amount of housing or other uses
* parking and station access goals
* density goals/policies
* maintaining land needed to increase transit capacity and service.
* should the Caltrain board take positions on TOD in the broader station area, not only land that Caltrain owns

Come if you care about this topic and can make a meeting at 9am on a Thursday. Or send an email to and