Today: Mountain View Council refines access to downtown station

At a study session today March 19 at 5pm, Mountain View City Council will be reviewing refinements for the plans to change access to the downtown transit center, including

* closing Castro Street at the tracks (which had served only 10% of downtown visitors)

* adding a ramp between Evelyn and Shoreline to enable drivers to access the station area

* realigning Caltrain and Light Rail to improve transfers

* adding undercrossings for people walking and bicycling to cross the tracks and Central Expressway

If you use the Mountain View station and are interested in access, you can come to the study session at 5pm or watch online.


Council will be considering many details of the design, including refinements for people walking, bicycling, and using transit, who represented about half of people accessing the station in 2013, when data was collected for the Caltrain electrification environmental review.

Council Member Hicks has a recommendation to realign Evelyn Street to enable safer and more direct pedestrian and bicycle access across Castro. The intersection is currently low-speed, but complicated with multiple conflict points.



Members of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee are asking whether it can be feasible to allow people with bicycles to ride through the relatively long path through the tunnels, rather than walk the distance, while maintaining safety for pedestrians. (See an underground train bike parking facility in the Netherlands with separated facilities for people with bikes).